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Marianne Besch


Art Director


Intel came to us with technology that you need to see to understand or believe. So much so, they flew us out to Santa Clara to have us experience it for ourselves. From there, we decided why not get the world's most lovable nerd to break into the Intel labs, see this tech for himself, promise he won't tell anyone and then....proceed to go tell everyone, everywhere he goes. Except these people have no idea what he's talking about because they haven't seen it themselves yet. I also worked on Vines that feature Jim Parsons roaming through Intel before he finds the RealSense lab. Links here:

Vine 1

Vine 2

Vine 3

On the brand side, I worked on the "Experience What's Inside" campaign since its conception when Mcgarrybowen pitched the Intel business in the summer of 2014 to when I left mcgarrybowen in the spring of 2015. It was an incredible experience to work on such a global project, shocking and awing the world with just how much Intel powers. 

Jim Parsons | Intel® RealSense™ Technology

Jim Parsons in the Clown Intel RealSense Spot

Jim Parsons talks n00bs with "Gamers" | Intel Core i7 Processor

Experience Amazing | Intel

Intel | Experience Amazing